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Shelby Stanley is a passionate educator and an aficionado of cakes, candy, and event designing. For over 15 years she has baked cakes, created couture candies, and planned events for family, friends, and clients. In 2021, Shelby launched The Sweetest Experiences (formerly Sugar High Sweets), a company that combines the full breadth of her talents including baking, events, and promotional materials. A Detroit native that calls Washington D.C. home, Shelby has a love for all things sweet and enjoys working to bring smiles to her clients and customers. 


The Sweetest Experiences offers the most decadent treats and curated events that keep customers coming back for more. We are a boutique bakery and events experience company, that's hands-on providing each client with dedicated time and attention. Each baking item, curated experience and promotion item goes through a review process to ensure quality is at its highest and that each item or service has The Sweetest Experiences wow factor that our clients have come to love!


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